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Wurde erst vor Kurzem mit einem Update der Multiplayer nachgeliefert, kommt jetzt schon wieder ein Update mit vielen Neuerungen, Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen hinterher.

Der komplette Changelog:


  • Spice tax increases faster overall, your Spice production will no longer be taken into account as much as it previously was
  • The first Spice tax has been decreased in order to compensate for the changes
  • The Fremen now start with 20 units of Spice
  • Not paying the tax as the Fremen now reduces Authority and Intel production, as well as lowering your CHOAM exchange rate


  • Unit models should follow their movements much more efficiently, resulting in a more responsive feeling, but also better handling of units moving at high speeds. They should also change their formation’s direction more efficiently resulting in a more cohesive look
  • Military units now consume less supply at night
  • Stealth units are detected from different ranges depending on the day/night cycle, further during the day and closer during the night.
  • Military units now resupply while in shuttles or worm riding
  • Balanced military unit stats and costs
  • Balanced Command Points: more Command Points at the beginning, less at the end
  • Elite units Command Points cost has been reduced (5 => 4)
  • Nerfed demo unit HP and power, increased the cost for all demo units, including Command Points (3 => 4)
  • For every level gained, units now gain an additional armour point
  • Building health and armour has been increased
  • Missile Batteries and Main Bases now decrease armour
  • Units that are both stealth and melee have a speed bonus while in combat
  • Mercenary upkeep has been increased: 30 => 40 Solari
  • Stealth Drones and Combat Drones’ range have been reduced
  • Harkonnen’s Cerberuses’ effect has been replaced, they now split into three units when they reach 10% HP


  • New UH buildings for Smugglers and Sietch settlement buildings for Fremen that affect allies
  • Villages can now be abandoned if they’re under a rebellion
  • Village trait “Supply Cache” has been removed
  • Construction time for buildings has been increased
  • It takes less time to demolish a building
  • Militia cost more Manpower
  • Fremen Harvesting Tent construction time has been decreased
  • Increased armour for Fremen Harvesting Teams
  • You can now build in devastated villages
  • Missile Batteries are disabled whenever a village has been devastated
  • Freeing a village gives Authority
  • Research Centers upkeep has been increased
  • Reduced the time it takes to use the Atreides’ Peaceful Annexation
  • Harkonnen’s Oppression debuff has been increased: 2 => 3 days


  • Underworld Headquarters are faster to install
  • Reduced the number of Underworld Headquarter building slots available in villages and in Main Bases
  • Underworld Headquarters installation prices have been changed, upkeep no longer costs Solari, it now costs Authority
  • Underworld Headquarter buildings now have a greater Solari upkeep but take half as much time to be built


  • Balanced spying mission speed and cost
  • There are now 4 assassination missions
  • Counter-intel doesn’t give Command Points anymore
  • Agents on CHOAM slots earn more Solari
  • Spying slots in enemy factions are unlocked by completing the first two assassination missions
  • Suk Doctors have been buffed: 2% => 5% extra Knowledge per Infiltration level
  • More information on what is unlocked through the various Infiltration levels
  • Level 2 Infiltration now allows you to see the locations of the faction’s agents
  • Level 3 Infiltration now allows you to see the faction’s unit composition, as well as its operations that are ready to be launched
  • An estimated time until the next Infiltration is reached is now provided
  • Fixed Infiltration so that you have to keep X agents in the slots to remain at Infiltration level X
  • Combat Drugs no longer reduces the unit’s supply and only slightly reduces the unit’s health over time in exchange for higher speed and power
  • Nuke damage has been reduced


  • The development trees have been reorganised
  • “Spying Logistic”, “Stealth Gear” and “Atreides Delegations” have been reworked
  • “Gridex Plane” now gives +10% CHOAM exchange rate
  • “Crew Training Program” now gives +5% Spice production
  • Balanced “Energy Markets” and “Water Trade” (0,4 => 0,2 and 0,2 => 1)
  • “Underworld Contacts” now produces part of a village’s Spice production if it has an Underworld Headquarter
  • “Spice Hegemony” has been reworked (10% Spice gathering rate => 5%, but villages in the same region as an allied Sietch produces +10% resources)
  • “Paracompass” has been nerfed (30% speed/less daily supply drain => 20%)
  • “High Command” gives 1 armour to every unit instead of increasing XP gain
  • “Ground Command” lowers Solari upkeep of military units
  • “Desert Command” now spawns a temporary unit after liberating a village
  • “Diplomatic Maneuvers” has been buffed (5 Solari => 10)
  • “Negotiation Tactics” used to raise Sietch relation, now it increases Solari generation of agents on the CHOAM
  • “Sand Diplomacy” has been buffed (+30% Sietch relation/resources => +50%)
  • “Sand Walk Mastery” has been reworked
  • “Desert Mastery” now gives control of Deep Deserts if it’s surrounded by zones you owned by your faction
  • “Field Work” has been renamed to “Riches of Arrakis”
  • Pillage-related developments have been reworked

Resource Deficits

  • Influence deficit reduces Landsraad votes instead of making you lose Landsraad standing
  • Command Point deficit now only increases unit Solari upkeep, instead of all upkeep, as well as lowering the units’ power


  • Worms take longer to appear
  • Balanced worm attacks. Military units detect worms faster than harvesters. Ornithopters are even faster at detecting incoming worm attacks


  • All factions start with less Influence
  • Pariah status is extended up to 50 Standing
  • Minor houses have less votes
  • Better balance for “Water Seller Union” > 2 Solari gained instead of 1 per Water
  • Reworked “Architectural Surveys” resolution (now affects Missile Batteries and the Main Base, but both of them have their power lowered instead of not attacking at all)
  • Better balance of “Imperial Intelligence” resolution
  • The Dune Governor win condition time has been slightly increased to allow for 2 Landsraad voting phases
  • Added a reminder whenever a faction has the Dune Governorship charter
  • The Dune Governor charter now increases the Influence cap and produces 2 Influence
  • The Dune Governor charter now has priority over other charters if all conditions for appearing are fulfilled
  • Improved AI voting regarding corruptions and Landsraad access


  • Pillaging villages provide less Solari and cost more Authority to annex the village afterwards
  • Pillaging now takes more time


  • Councillor skills now have names
  • Rabban no longer increases the length of the Oppression ability, and militias now have a power malus
  • Piter de Vries: Stealth Drones and Ornithopters: 1 => 2 Intel gain
  • Iakin Nefud: Combat Drugs Mission cost: -50% => -60% & Unit cost refund on death: 50% => 60%
  • Drisq: Agents no longer all have the Merchant trait but instead Ornithopters move and recon faster
  • Bannerjee: Gain more resources as well as 4 Authority from pillaging
  • Lady Jessica: Force Treaty now actually forces the treaty. The cost in Influence is higher and increases every time you use it with the same faction


  • Improved lobby list
  • New multiplayer mode: “Kanly” ; faster 1v1 game
  • AIso wait longer before replacing a player after a disconnect
  • Allies can see the progression bar of an ally Atreides’ Peaceful Annexation
  • Allies can see Sietches discovered by other allies
  • Allies can see an ally Smugglers’ Underworld Headquarters as well as its buildings
  • Allies can see an ally Fremen’s Sietch settlement as well as its building


  • Deep Deserts and The Desolation are now less harsh
  • 1.2x speed is now available in-game
  • Tier 3 building districts have been changed for the Fremen
  • Main Base districts take less time to be built
  • Added voice lines for harvester orders
  • Reworked game parameters UI to have tooltips and make it easier to extend
  • New Carthag and Sietch Tabr visual effects
  • Chemical grenade visual has been updated
  • Alert sounds rework


  • Fixed crashes when loading a save
  • Fixed units behaviour when attacked from far away (i.e.: Missile Batteries)
  • Fixed cancel resolution not working from client
  • Fix potential server issue when trying to resolve an already resolved discovery
  • Fixed some spying missions counted as “installing an operation” while they didn’t provide any
  • Fixed Atreides Merchants displaying incorrect count in Solari production breakdown
  • Fixed special region village Authority cost with Local Dialect Studies
  • Fixed Airfield range not updating when captured by another faction
  • Fixed the harvester death animation if their refinery had been destroyed
  • Fixed texts that referenced Landsraad only displaying the icon and not the name
  • Fixed Recruitment Office construction animation
  • Fixed clickable victory parameter buttons when not in game creator
  • Fixed a sync path to no longer make units do weird back steps, especially with long paths
  • Fixed units behaviour when following other units at short distances, which made them unable to attack while chasing or simply miss their mark
  • Fixed village that could rebel while militia was deployed
  • Fixed Landsraad UI not identifying a resolution with no available choices
  • Fix: Removed factions not eligible to Landsraad from Imperial Audit
  • Fix: Building construction possible in local Sietches without an alliance
  • Fix: Landsraad crash when conceding at the start of the game
  • Fix: Broken developments that were queued and finished from external sources
  • Fix: Intel not getting production bonuses on villages
  • Fix: Block missile batteries on devastated villages
  • Fix: Relation displaying 0 for clients
  • Fix: Alerts bar pushing the rest of the top UI away when there are too many alerts
  • Fix: Sandworms sometimes not showing a roaming FX before attacking
  • Fix: Units in shuttles and worms would not correctly update their recipient zone which could mean that a nuke on a main base could kill units on the other side of the map
  • Fix: Requesting a shuttle now correctly clears all action queues
  • Prevent pressing escape on startup options screen
  • No more idle harvester alert whenever a rebellion is on a village with a harvester
  • Disbanding texts are now normal (unit, village…)
  • Fixed value rounding error in refund dialogs
  • The options screen on first startup cannot be dismissed by pressing Escape
  • Developments aren’t researched further if they’ve been completed using a POI or Spyware while they’re in the research queue
  • Influence doesn’t weigh anything anymore during trades with AIs
  • The Spying tab is now available after finishing a game
  • An AoE attack cannot break a Non-Aggression Pact anymore if the unit belonging to that faction is in the attack zone
  • Better handling of client disconnecting during loading
  • Many typos and localisation issues have also been fixed
  • Known Issue: There are instances of missing or bad translations affecting all languages except English, this will be fixed as soon as possible

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